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Free Nutrition Consultation for anyone interested!

At LMD Nutrition all of the plans and advice that we give to clients is unique and confidential. Whether you are considering signing up to the LMD Nutrition programme or whether you just have a question about your existing diet please feel free to get in touch!

I offer a free consultation to all potential clients, which is basically an informal conversation where we discuss your existing diet and your motivation for wanting to improve your diet and lifestyle.



Do I keep the food diary or do you?

Whatever is easiest for you. Keep the diary yourself if you are happy with what is required or you can let me know what you eat as you eat it and I can keep it for you.

Is everything done online?

Yes. Using your specified preferred method of contact, we will be in close contact but never have to meet in person. If you would prefer a more direct method of communication we could arrange a regular phone call or FaceTime.

If I don’t exercise but want to, can you help me out?

Absolutely. Depending what you want to achieve from the programme, I can give you as much help as I can in regard to your exercise and activity.

Have you had any clients that your methods have been unsuccessful with?

No, but there is no magic wand. What the client has to understand is that there needs to be commitment and consistency on their behalf. They have to put the advice and plan in to action in order to get positive results.

How many clients do you have?

I want to give clients the best possible service that I can. For this reason I like to limit myself to three clients at one time. If I take on any more I will be unable to put the full time and effort required for each client.

What if I am a fussy eater?

It doesn’t make a difference really. Once I have a grasp of what you like to eat then I can make suggestions and give advice accordingly. But it won’t effect how successful we are on your programme.

Do I need to go to the gym or have a training regime to start and LMD programme?

No. It’s entirely up to you what you do exercise wise. And it also depends what you want to achieve. Some kind of exercise is recommended, but it is not a necessity if you want to join LMD. If you already have an exercise routine that you are happy with, that’s great! 

Can I still have a night out and get good results whilst on the programme?

We can discuss ways to make up for a night out. It is, of course, not going to help you if you drink a lot of alcohol. But I understand that nights out and alcohol are important to some people.

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