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Meet the coach

Hi, I’m Russell Broadhurst!

I am from a small town in Wales called Welshpool and I work in Liverpool full time as a Commercial Diver.

My main hobby is football. Playing, watching and coaching. This is what takes up the majority of my free time.

Another one of my passions is health and nutrition. It has always fascinated me how much what we eat affects our health, fitness, how we feel and even how we look.

I have always tried my best to stay fit and healthy and have gained a very good understanding of nutrition over the years. In 2018, I decided to take it seriously and find out as much as I could.

This resulted in gaining a level 4 diploma in nutrition and weight management, which I am very proud of.

With this qualification I can help you to:

Achieve Visible Results
Improve Health and Well-being
Optimise Athletic Performance
Understand the Basics of Nutrition

Russel Broadhurst the Owner of LMD Nutrition based in Welshpool, Wales.

Get a free consultation!

I offer a FREE consultation to anyone who is interested in finding out more about LMD Nutrition and how we can work together to achieve amazing results!

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The process

The LMD process is tried and tested. It is not a one size fits all programme. It is tailored to the individual and their lifestyle. Even though it is not the same for everyone, if you adhere to the advice and recommendations given, I guarantee that you will see your desired results!

  1. Free Consultation

Get in touch by WhatsApp, Email or by filling in the Contact Form. We will talk about how you want your nutrition to help you, and together we will complete the LMD Nutrition client screening form.

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LMD Nutrition Site Icon.
  1. Choose your programme

After the initial consultation, we will work together to log everything you eat and drink in a food diary. Whether it is a glass of water or a piece of cake, it’s is all important. Using this, and the client screening form we will create your bespoke programme.

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  1. Dietary Analysis

If you choose the dietary analysis you will get a detailed and comprehensive review of your diet. You will receive your average:

⁃ Calorie Intake

⁃ Macronutrient Percentages

⁃ Micronutrient Intakes

Recommendations given will be suited to your nutrition goals and based off food that you currently eat, so the plan is easier to stick to.

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LMD Nutrition Site Icon.
  1. 8-Week Programme

For 8 weeks your online nutrition advisor will be on hand to guide you every step of the way. Together you will log your food diary - as this is the best way to get accuracy.

One-to-one guidance comes as often or as little as you please. At minimum you will be given weekly feedback, analysis and recommendations.

Plus, you will receive meal plans that coincide with your calorie target as it changes through the course of the programme.

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  1. Visible Results

Whatever your goal was at the beginning of the programme, you will now be able to compare and see the changes that have been made! On top of this, you will have learnt enough to KEEP the results that you have achieved long after your LMD programme has finished.

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You can change your life in 60 days with a custom nutrition plan. Get in touch to take the first step!

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